Big Old Tree Contest Previous Winners

2004 Winners

White Ash

524 Barrywood Dr.

owner Jim and Marie Byers

nominator Jim and Marie Byers

144” circumference, 150 high, 40’ crown spread


White Ash
915 Tower Pl.

owner Stephen Mclean

nominator Stephen Mclean

196” circumference, 126’high, 83’ crown spread


River Birch
2716 Overhill Dr.

owner Mrs. Elizabeth Harman

nominator Ginny Russell

Circumference NA, 66’ high, 60’ crown spread


Box Elder
2132 Dearborn Dr.

owner Anna Glidewell

nominator Virginia Clark 

circumference NA, 49’ high, 16’6” crown spread


Red Cedar
1174 Old Hickory Blvd.

owner Mary and Gary Logan

nominator Mary and Gary Logan

75” circumference, 90’high, 8’ crown spread


Crab Apple
1221 Nichol Lane

owner Shirley Fincannon

nominator Shirley Fincannon

372” circumference, 28’ high, 35’ crown spread


4225 Franklin Pike

owner Cal and Joan Young

nominator Babs Behar

81” circumference, 32’ high, 25’ crown spread


Pink Dogwood
613 Hamilton Ave.

owner Shirley Towns 

nominator Shirley Towns

19” circumference, 27’ high, 21’ crown spread


Siberian Elm
David Lipscomb University, Belmont Blvd.

owner David Lipscomb University

nominator Terry Katzman-Rosenblum

110” circumference, 75’ high, 70’ crown spread


1126 Oman Dr.

owner Bart and Ellie Franey

nominator Bart and Ellie Franey

144” circumference, 66’ high, 100’ crown spread


Southern Magnolia
127 Woodmont Blvd.

owner Randall L. Kinnard

nominator Randall L. Kinnard

144” circumference, 58’ high, 35’ crown spread


Sugar Maple
124 Brookfield

owner Mary and William O’Neil

nominator Mary and William O’Neil

102” circumference, 63’ high, 58’ crown spread


Bur Oak
1121 Stonewall Dr.

owner Margaret and Michael Zibart

nominator Chanell Fleming and Margaret Zibart

174” circumference, 97’4” high, 107’ crown spread


Chinkapin Oak
407 Jackson Blvd.

owner Mac Ozier

nominator Mac Ozier

128” circumference, 60’ high, 80’ crown spread


Chinkapin Oak
2005 Capers Ave.

owner Virginia Wilkins

nominator Terry Katzman-Rosenblum

150” circumference, 100’ high, 80’ crown spread


Chinkapin Oak
224 Lauderdale Rd.

owner Mary Howarth

nominator Mary Howarth

183” circumference, 60’ high, 72’ crown spread


Northern Red Oak
1907 Edenbridge Way

owner Susan and Mark Abkowitz

nominator Susan and Mark Abkowitz

136” circumference, 100’ high, 91’ crown spread






Red Oak
1 Derby Trace

owner Brentwood Downs Apartments

nominator Ann Chapman

180” circumference, 80’ high, 75’ crown spread


Scarlet Oak
518 Cottonwood Dr.

owner Vicki and Ken McMahan

nominator Vicki and Ken McMahan

177” circumference, 100’ high, 45’ crown spread


Shumard Oak
1101 N. Graycroft Ave.

owner Craig Cellon

nominator Craig Cellon

125” circumference, 100’ high 70’ crown spread


Swamp Chestnut Oak
3811 Gallatin Rd.

owner Rosewood Properties

nominator Bill Gould

120” circumference, 110’ high, 65’ crown spread


White Oak
1134 Sewanee Rd.

owner Rob and Kim Barrick

nominator Margaret Boyd

168” circumference, 76’ high, 80’ crown spread


White Oak
1174 Old Hickory Blvd.

owner Mary and Gary Logan

nominator Mary and Gary Logan

124” circumference, 75’ high, 62’ crown spread


White Oak
518 Cottonwood Dr.

owner Vicki and Ken McMahan

nominator Vicki and Ken McMahan

120” circumference, 100’ high, 35’ crown spread


White Oak
1135 Sewanee Rd.

owner Sue Smith

nominator Shirley Towns

144” circumference, 70’ high, 70’ crown spread


Osage Orange
4915 Sewanee Rd.

owner Debbie and Larry Edmondson

nominator Debbie and Larry Edmondson

144” circumference, 58’ high, 55’ crown spread


Osage Orange
750 Roycroft Pl.

owner Chris Catanzaro

nominator Chris Catanzaro

140” circumference, 50’ high, 60’ crown spread


McTyerie Hall, Vanderbilt University

owner Vanderbilt University

nominator Bill Gould

100” circumference, 105’ high, 57’ crown spread


White Pine
Regency Park, Timber Lane

owner Joe Ray Woods

nominator Joe Ray Woods

108” circumference, 80’ high 65’ crown spread


317 Harpeth Ridge Dr.

owner Charles Trost

nominator Charles Trost

36” circumference, 40’ high, 35’ crown spread


518 Cottonwood Dr.

owner Vicki and Ken McMahan

nominator Vicki and Ken McMahan

46” circumference, 225’ high, crown spread NA


1605 Shackleford Rd.

owner Kathy and Don Jarell

nominator Shirley Towns

72” circumference, 85’ high, 75’ crown spread


Black Walnut
815 N. Curtiswood Lane

owner Ray Danner

nominator Charles D. Mathis

187” circumference, 73’ high, 91.5’ crown spread


Weeping Willow
109 Menees Lane

owner Phillip and Dale North

nominator Ginger Anderson

144” circumference, 55’ high, 65’ crown spread