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2010 Winners

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American Elm
 Ulmus americana

1327 Otter Creek Road

owner Elizabeth Garber

nominator Anna Rasmussen

123” circumference, 61’ height, 48’ crown spread

American Elm
 Ulmus americana

4001 West End Avenue

owner Montgomery Bell Academy

nominator Gordon Chenery

117” circumference, 85’ height, 49’ crown spread

 Celtis occidentalis

4422 E. Brookfield Avenue

owner M/M Rogers Morrison, Sr

nominator Rogers Morrison, Sr.

172” circumference, 120’ height, 49’ crown spread





Hedge Maple
 Acer campestre

Peabody campus

owner Vanderbilt University

nominator Mark Hackney

51” circumference, 32’ height, 7’ crown spread

Southern Magnolia
 Magnolia grandiflora

5029 Franklin Pike

owner David and Vicki Watts

nominator Tyler Smith

108” circumference, 99’ height, 14.5’ crown spread

White Oak
 Quercus alba

830 Overton Lane

owner Mike and Karen Morello

nominator Mike and Karen Morello

162” circumference, 80’ height, 20’ crown spread