Metro Historic and Specimen Tree Registry


Introducing a voluntary way to protect trees in davidson county...

Metro Tree Advisory Committee of the Beautification and Environmnet Commission has launched a program to allow property owners a way to protect trees in the future.  You may apply for designation; and, if approved by Metro, apply for a deed restriction.  Trees do not have to be Big Old Tree Contest winners to qualify.  When you apply for a deed restriction of approved trees, it will assure the following:

  • Registered trees can be protected from removal even after the property changes ownership.
  • If trees are found to be dead or the lot cannot be redeveloped without tree removal, exceptions can be made.
  • Future property owners would have to apply to have the deed restrictions removed should they desire.

Please take a moment to consider the positive impact this preservation step can have in our rapidly-growing city.  More information can be found at by clicking here.

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