Trees in Nashville


Preserving Nashville’s Trees:
1st Avenue Cherry Blossom Tree Trail

Nashville Tree Foundation learned on Friday, March 29, about plans Mayor David Briley had approved to remove 21 iconic, mature cherry blossom trees along First Avenue in preparation for the city to host the NFL Draft in late April. NTF’s engagement with the public and local media gained national media attention (AP wire story). NTF issued this media statement saying this plan was a very short-sighted effort to destroy vital downtown tree canopy for a one-time event.

On Saturday, March 30, Mayor Briley issued a statement that the trees would be removed and replanted elsewhere. To which NTF replied with this statement.

How can you help?

  1. Think globally, act locally. NTF’s vision is to create a culture that values trees and green spaces in Nashville.

  2. Plant, protect, advocate. Plant a tree in your yard. Help your neighborhood protect trees from removal or during construction. Contact your council person about how much you value trees.

  3. Act. Volunteer to help NTF plant trees for others. Follow us on social media and join our newsletter subscription. Support our work by making a donation.

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Press on Cherry Trees

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