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Nashville Tree Foundation projects

2015 Metro Arbor Day planting of 5 trees in Centennial Park, memorial and honorary trees planted in Red Caboose Park, Sevier Park and Parmer Park.

2014 ReLeafing Day planting of over 250 trees in Cleveland and McFerrin Park yards, at Monroe Harding with partner Cumberland River Compact and to restore a tree line at St. George's Episcopal Church.

2013 ReLeafing Day planting of over 200 trees in Woodbine yards, in an orchard, and along waterways with partner Cumberland River Compact

2012 ReLeafing Day planting of nearly 350 trees in Woodbine

2011 ReLeafing Day planting of 140 powerline-approved species and 90 shade trees in the Nations and Hadley Park area and 30 fruit trees in the first Heirloom Orchard on Delray Drive by 200 volunteers

2010 ReLeafing Day planting of 120 powerline-approved species and 140 shade trees by 300 volunteers in flood-affected areas of Bellevue

2009 ReLeafing Day planting of 121 powerline-approved species by 278 volunteers in Inglewood

2008 ReLeafing Day planting of 39 powerline-approved species by 65 volunteers in Inglewood

2007 ReLeafing Day planting of 70 powerline-approved trees in Bluefields in Donelson and in 12South. Gave 9 holly trees to ReDiscover East! for its planting project of 500 trees in nine neighborhoods.

2006 ReLeafing Day planting in Germantown of more than 30 powerline-approved trees, and 35 powerline-approved trees and 30 other trees in Sylvan Heights

2005 ReLeafing Day demonstration planting of 84 powerline-approved trees in Dallas H. Neil Park on Eighth Avenue South and Wedgewood Avenue and 18 in the Woodland-in-Waverly neighborhood in a joint project with Metro Parks, Metro Tree Advisory Committee, and Nashville Electric Service.

2004 Used Urban Forestry grant and collaborations with five neighborhood groups and one Metro Council district to plant 236 trees.

2003 Used Urban Forestry grant to conduct anti-topping and proper pruning campaign. Used Urban Forestry grant and collaborations with Nashville Electric Service and seven neighborhoods to plant 367 trees.

2002 Established annual ReLeafing Day on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Planted 29 trees in Nashville Housing Fund-financed Hope Gardens and in Habitat for Humanity’s Rainwood subdivision.

2001 Worked through ReLeaf Nashville to replace 200 ReLeaf trees that did not survive.

2000 Worked through ReLeaf Nashville to plant 2,000 trees.

1999 Worked through ReLeaf Nashville to plant 2,450 trees in Nashville. Contributed 500 trees to The Hermitage. Contributed 50 trees to Clarksville and 50 trees to Jackson, Tenn., after tornadoes.

1998 Established ReLeaf Nashville with Metro Parks/Beautification and Environment after April tornadoes, with a five-year plan to replace 6,500 shade trees. Planted 1,457 trees.

1996 Distributed whom-to-call magnets to 15,000 home-owners , developed anti-topping ads and articles for newspapers, and created public service announcements for radio, using matching Urban Forestry Grant.

1995 Launched a “Don’t Top Trees” awareness campaign targeted to the general public and tree-trimming companies, using matching Urban Forestry Grant.

1994 Held demonstration plantings at three locations and developed educational materials on trees for teachers and individuals using a matching Urban Forestry Grant.

1993 Educated the public on importance of urban trees through ads, news articles, and water bill inserts with matching Urban Forestry Grant.

1991 Planted an 18-foot pin oak in Centennial Park to replace a damaged tree.

1989 Transplanted 2 hemlocks and 2 dogwoods from Airport Estates to Magnolia Blvd.

1988 to present Conducted Big Old Tree Contest to identify the county’s largest and oldest trees.

1988 Transplanted 15-foot evergreen from Ensworth School to Music Square Park.

1986 Planted a red maple in the median of 8th Avenue North. Replaced crabapple trees on Shelby Avenue.

Plantings by the Foundation and MDHA

2005 40 crabapples, flowering cherry, and redbuds planted under powerlines in Vine Hill Hope VI homes and 12 bur and red oaks around two playgrounds.

2003 Hope VI Homes in Preston Taylor: 2 red maples, 2 red oaks, 3 ash, 3 crab apples, 3 redbuds

2001 Main Street: 50 trees for Streetscape Project

2000 Madison Towers: 4 red maples, 4 sugar maples, 4 purple white ash

1999 Vine Hill Homes: 3 southern magnolias, 6 red maples, 2 golden raintrees, 3 sugar maples

1998 Edgefield Manor: 8 red maples, 5 red oaks, 3 crabapples

1997 Sam Levy Homes: 10 red maples, 2 sweet gums

1996 Edgefield Manor: 5 red oaks, 5 red maples, 3 white dogwoods

1995 Edgehill Homes: 6 autumn purple ashes, 6 sycamores
Terrance Murray Memorial Garden: 6 crab apples

1994 Vine Hill Homes: 8 kwanzan cherries, 8 calloway crab apples

1993 Andrew Jackson Courts: 4 Japanese black pines, 4 zelkova, 4 Yoshino cherries

1992 Tony Sudekum, J.C. Napier homes: 8 tulip poplars, 7 pin oaks

1991 Sam Levy Homes: 7 sweet gums, 7 pin oaks

1990 J.C. Napier Homes: 6 pin oaks, 3 tulip poplars, 3 sweet gums

1989 Parkway Terrace: 5 green ashes and red maples

1989 Cumberland View: 8 tulip poplars, sweet gums

1988 Edgehill Homes: 3 golden rain, 3 Zuma crab apples, 9 water oaks and baldcypress

1987 Vine Hill Homes: 15 crab apples, 6 shade trees

1986 Parkway Terrace: 12 red maples