Thank you for a great ReLeafing Day 2017!

Nashville Tree Foundation volunteers transformed neighborhoods and schools on Saturday, November 18, into greener, healthier places by planting 300 shade and fruit trees.  

behind the scenes at ReLeafing Day (LEFT TO RIGHT)

(1) Nashville Tree Foundation determined South Nashville is a critical area for improved canopy with impaired streams and light industrial development. Working with planting partner, Nashville Electric Service, NTF selected neighborhoods that would benefit from trees that grow well under power lines.
(2) Additionally, NTF worked with Metro Nashville Public Schools to place 10 shade and 6 fruit trees at 10 schools under a grant from the State Division of Forestry.  A grand total of 300 trees will be added to the canopy on Saturday, making ReLeafing Day the largest single-day tree planting.
(3) Tree contractor Hollands Lawn will deliver 1.5" caliper trees and mulch to each planting location this week.
(4) Dwight Beard will help instruct volunteers how to plant and will generously provide his landscape watering truck to make sure all trees get water after planting.

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ReLeafing Day, November 18, 2017
Riverside Drive Tree Planting, December 2, 2017

Corporate Day of Service is available

Nashville Tree Foundation is partnering with ReBuilding Together Nashville to plant trees at renovated homes in North Nashville.  Up to 30 volunteers from your business or organization are needed for a special day of service. Email for more information and to schedule the planting day.